There are many ways to support Reconnecting the Circle. Here are a few suggestions on how you or your organization can help.

    1. Help Spread The Word
Support Reconnecting The Circle® (RTC) through outreach and promotion to your community. Provide information about RTC programs locally and nationally via your website, newsletters, listservs, conferences, and social media platforms.
    1. Disseminate RTC essay contest materials to local schools and communities.
    2. Provide Content For The RTC Website
Content can include:
Educational programs and materials for children and adolescents in grades K-12.
Information that can be shared with the RTC community of students and teachers.
Images and stories expressing ‘Glimpses Into Contemporary American Indian Life’.
For Tribes and American Indian organizations, content can include all of the above, and…
Information that promotes the wellness of your Tribe, community and people.
Cultural aspects about your heritage.
Personal stories of achievement.