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I Am Indian Country
Contest + eBook Project for Native Youth  WASHINGTON, D.C. – We R Native and Reconnecting The Circle announce a joint eBook contest for Native American youth. The eBook contest will invite youth to think about their cultural values and express themselves using a medium of their choice – essay, photography, graphics, illustration, video, audio, or a 
Financial Aid for Minority Students
                            Online Schools provides a way for students to search online schools and their financial aid programs. You can learn more here: There’s also an e-book to help guide you through questions you may have about online learning: About Online Schools Onlineschools is a comprehensive database of online schools designed to help students find the school most suitable for 
The “N-Word”: Just a Product of My Culture
We’ve all heard it. We’ve all seen it. And some of us have actually thought it or said it out loud. You may think you haven’t, but the “N-word” is very much out there. The term “nigger” and its derivative, “nigga”, have been reintroduced into American culture, not by Paula Deen, but by some African-Americans within 
2012 RTC Essay Awards: H.S. Students' Perspective on Native American Values
Reconnecting The Circle is proud to announce the winners for the 2012 RTC National High School Essay Contest. The topic: Which Native American Values are Important in Today’s World and Why? THE WINNERS:Native American Values – Important Then, Important Now – by PATIENCE HARJO | Muscogee Creek and Pawnee | grade 12 | Oklahoma Three Women, Three Lessons: 
Native American Values: Important Then, Important Now
By Patience Harjo | Muscogee Creek and Pawnee | grade 12 In my eighteen years of life, my parents and grandparents have imparted so much knowledge to me. As I have grown up, I have learned the difference between right and wrong. I learned how to respect others, when to abstain from harmful substances, my traditions as 
Three Women, Three Lessons: Reconnecting The Circle Through Native American Values
By Kamilyn Choi | grade 12 As I look back on my life, I realize that the person I am today has been largely shaped by three Native American women. I grew up in a traditional Korean household, raised by a single mother, and it so happened that in the times of greatest darkness, these incredible 
INTERVIEW | Andrew Vondall - Crow Nation (cont'd)
RTC: Wounded Warriors – We hear in the news about “wounded warriors”; battle fatigue, physical wounds, depression, and other emotional repercussions from battle that can lead to suicide. How does your family EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY prepare for service? AV: It’s more than just speaking to a recruiter. Families will have really big ceremonies for people who are about 
INTERVIEW | Andrew Vondall - Crow Nation
STATS: Tribal Affiliation: Crow Nation, Montana Mother: Crow Father: Dakota University: Georgetown University Focus: International Affairs Level: Senior Passion: The Crow Culture Reconnecting The Circle had a chance to catch up with Georgetown student and NASC Students of Color Alliance Representative, ANDREW VONDALL, of the Crow Nation. Andy writes a weekly newsletter for the Native American Club at Georgetown University, which was founded just 
Native Model Kicks A**
Elizabeth Cady Stanton once said, “The best protection any woman can have is courage.”  Lakota model and martial artist Patty Stein (pictured above), who has experience with the Egyptian-based Tahrir Bodyguard, will be teaching self-defense to Native American women between July 1st and September 15th, 2013 at the top 10 most populated reservations and 10 more that face serious justice problems.  Women in Indian 
Value #2: Maintaining Center
Maintaining center means keeping things in balance within oneself and one’s environment. Maintaining center within ourselves can be achieved through learning and activities that enhance our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Maintaining center within our environment can be achieved by helping out at home or by keeping the street where you live free of 
Value #1: Resilience
Resilient in the face of adversity, Native Americans have overcome many hardships throughout the centuries; from genocide and near extermination of food sources (think bison) and life ways to relocation from their original homelands and forced assimilation into the dominant, American culture. Native Americans, with their unique tribal cultures, religion, and sustainable life ways are 
Thank God for the Food Network!
An Italian-American analogy explaining why Native Americans get pissed off when you use the term ‘Indian Giver’. “Race and ethnicity have always been emotionally charged and confusing topics in American history, but American Indians, in many ways, represent a special case – a population thought of more in historical terms than in racial or ethnic terms 
Looking Hot Not
Photo Credit: Daily Motion People are starting to catch on that non-Native people appropriating Native American people and life ways is inappropriate… When people of one culture appropriate the regalia and stereotypes of another culture without truly understanding or appreciating that culture, what kind of effect does that have on the people of that appropriated culture? How 
Watch Your Mouth
Image Credit: Richard J. Gaines Language is the culture. Without language and its related forms of physical and facial expression, cultural identity wanes. Our language shapes our culture. What we say is just as important as what we do. Language is a living, dynamic, and ever changing expression of who we are. Think about words and expressions you use 
Predators Within Indian Country
Photo Credit: Christian Morvan Dear Reader: Before beginning this article, I ask you for permission to discuss two very sensitive topics. The first one is suicide. The second one is sexual abuse. In the article below, the two are intertwined, perhaps shedding light on why our beautiful, young, Native American men and women are taking their lives. Until 
2012 Essay Contest Rules & Regulations
1. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN Reconnecting The Circle National High School Essay Contest (“Contest“) is open to all legal residents of the United States, who are currently enrolled full-time and in good standing in a tribal, BIA, public or state-accredited private or parochial school, including charter and home school, in grades 9–12. (“You”, 
Fortifying The Circle: Changing The Future for Native Women & Girls
Women are the anchors of society and the centers of their families. They are life-givers, nurturers, mediators, and teachers. Women are the keepers of knowledge and pass down the traditions from one generation to the next. What better way of strengthening Native communities than to protect and value the Native American woman? One major issue preventing 
Essay Contest Video
Reconnecting the Circle Essay Contest from Barrett Jones on Vimeo.  
The Buffalo In The Room
The Buffalo in the Room | by Alison Owings As we, the American public, hack through thickets of politically enhanced blogoshere-distributed demonstrations and debates about who we are — A people who embrace or reject others? A people weaned on vengeance or compassion? A people divided against others? Among ourselves? — most of us overlook one factor: