Creating a Video

For the most part, you already have the knack for filming. It’s not difficult. Below are some things to consider when filming.

  1. Consider your topic and really make your video meaningful. Remember, you can inspire people.
  2. Organize your thoughts before filming. Practice!
  3. Make sure video work is done in good lighting and where there are no distracting noises. Your audience wants to hear your message.
  4. Get permission from people before you film them. Very important. Tell them what you’re filming and why. People are happy to participate when they know it’s for a cool, meaningful project. Every person being filmed must sign a Video Release Form, including YOU! Make copies of the Video Release Form before you begin.
  5. Use first names only and don’t reveal personal information about where you live, where you go to school, where you work or where you hang out.
  6. No foul language. Be the gentlemen and ladies that you are.
  7. Be creative!
  8. Go for it!

** Sending RTC the Video Release Forms **

You must send RTC a signed, Video Release Form for each person filmed in your video; in this case, you.

Send all signed forms to:

Reconnecting The Circle, Inc.  |  Video Contest  |  PO Box 8842  |  Reston, VA 20195

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you send in your Video Release Form, include the full link or URL of your video, e.g., where you posted it. This will help us match your video to your signed Video Release Form.

Uploading a Video

You can provide videos to RTC in one of two ways:

  1. Upload your videos directly to YouTube and then email the full link/URL to
  2. Upload your video directly to RTC’s RezKast channel and then email the full link/URL to


Questions? Comments? Complaints? Call RTC at 877-580-3764 or email us at

Good luck and happy filming! We know you’ll do great.